Monday, December 14, 2009

A Strange Way to Save the World

As I feared it might, this blog is turning out to be less of my creative musings (of which I must not have many of!) and more of a "come look at how cute my kids are". But, you're reading, so thank you.

Last night was our church Christmas production. We really do it up at Stephens City United Methodist. The name of the play/musical was "Angel Alert", and both of my girls had roles. Jeremiah refused to participate in fear that he'd have to sing a solo. First up: Riley. She sang a solo/duet and it was, of course, wonderful. Check it out:

And here's Ally as a shepherd. Due to technical difficulties (or the fact that I thought I was recording, and was not) it's a quickie, but a cutie.

Ahhh, Christmas. Tis the season for Christmas plays, children with garland halos, punch and cookies, whispered plans, countdown calendars, hidden elves, new ornaments, and general good tidings and cheer. Love and joy come to you, and to you your wassail too; and God bless you and send you a Happy New Year, and God send you a Happy New Year.

(BTW, a wassail is either another way of saying caroling, or a hot spiced punch often associated with Christmas. Either way, enjoy.)


Tracy said...

Wow...that was some kind of cute. An angelic angel and a rockin' shepherd. Precious.

Mimi said...

So glad i was there to see those precious girls and to hold my Smooch!

Anonymous said...

wonderful post tobye! one year for our adult choir cantata i had the solo in the same song riley sang. she did great!