Sunday, December 20, 2009

(My) Snow Angels

So we have an absolute mountain of snow here in VA. Our driveway has been snowplowed no less than three times, we've played in the snow two times, my dryer has run continuously drying mittens, hats and gloves, AND I forgot that little dogs with long hair accumulate little snow balls all over them when they go outside.

I'm gathering my strength to make Christmas cookies. Yesterday the girls and I (and when I say the girls and I, I really mean I) made Chex mix for teachers gifts. Riley informed me that she "volunteered" me to make Christmas cookies for her class, so.....(Those of you who know me know that baking is not very high on my list of things I enjoy. It's about on par with cutting my son's toenails, in fact).

But, the weather outside, while frightful, made for some great photo opportunities, and since Facebook is being stupid about letting me upload pictures, viola! You get to see them here first.

In case anyone was wondering, I do indeed still have a son. He was just playing his XBox yesterday and refused to join in the snow fun. He and Riley took the above mentioned small dog with long hair outside today to play. But I didn't feel like suiting up again, so, no pictures of him.


Tracy said...

I had no idea about those little snowballs! We brought the pups in yesterday and they were literally coated with them. Crazy.
Girls look like they were having a blast.

Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...

Great pictures! I'm with you on the suiting up...we hibernated all day today. That snow will be there for weeks, anyway, at this rate. We are still trapped. Uggh.

Mimi said...

Super cute pictures of the girls. Can't believe Smooch passed up snow play to play video games. He is too little to be turning into a couch potato! Will have to change his nickname to tater or spud!