Monday, May 4, 2009

My NASCAR observations

So, I had an interesting experience on Friday. I got to attend the Nascar (do I capitalize that? I still don't know.) race in Richmond. ServiceMaster has a "Clean Machine" that they set up at races, complete with Hospitality tent, snacks, beverages, and an authentic looking race car. This was my second race experience, I attended one many years ago in Martinsville, but my only recollection of it was that it was loud and the line for the bathroom were ridiculous. So, I paid close attention and came up with the following observations:

  • There are a heck of a lot of people that come to these events. There were campers as far as the eye could see, packed side by side with little room in between. Now that's dedication.

  • NASCAR fans are far more varied than I thought. Young, old, male, female, every race, size, and group seemed to be represented.

  • Having said that, I must now address the following-for men, the attire seemed to be mostly a driver shirt and denim shorts. Many men decided mid day that the shirt was an optional accessory and that bare chest was the way to go.

  • For women, the attire was this- dress as slutty as possible with no regard to height, weight, or age. I saw things that nature did not intend for public consumption. Yikes.

  • The pit area stinks. Literally. It smelled like asphalt and burnt tires. All my environmentally concerned mind could think was how much pollution and waste they were producing.

  • Fans are passionate about "their guys". I don't know exactly how you choose "your guy", whether it be by name, looks, cool car, or what, but once you pick him, you follow him to the ends of the earth, determined to crush all opposition.

  • The cross promotion is unbelievable. There are so many logos on those cars it would be impossible to name your car. While each seems to have one main sponsor, each car is peppered with tons of other stickers for other sponsors too. Which would lead to things like calling your car the ServiceMaster Dr. Pepper Old Navy Duracell Wachovia Walmart DriEaz Papermill Microsoft JCPenney Kleenex Lysol Chevrolet. And that would be a mouthful.

  • I was given 12 free cans of snuff, and I don't even chew. That's a lot of snuff.

So there you have it. I've been there, done it now, and will probably never go back. And that suits me just fine. I don't begrudge anyone their sports, but I know for sure that this isn't mine.


Tracy said...

Is it wrong to say that I a little bit gagged when I saw that picture??

Jeb said...

haha, that guy was sitting in front of me too!!

Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...

Uggggh. Funny, but gross.