Thursday, April 30, 2009

What the....

I just spent $42.00 on sunscreen at Target in preparation for our Dominican Republic trip next week. That amount got me eight bottles of SPF 30 Spray on sunscreen, Target brand, of course. That's over 5.00 a bottle. Jiminy Christmas. FrugalGirl, if you're reading, how do I save some money on sunscreen? I'm not even sure that's going to be enough to last for a week for my three kids. Wonder if there's sunscreen in pill form in the works somewhere? All the kids have to have sunscreen for daycare every day this summer. I'm going to be a broke mama at this price.


Kristen@thefrugalgirl said...

Hmm...I'm not much good there! We use it at the pool and when we go to the beach but it's definitely not a daily thing.

You might keep your eye on the sale ads...although drugstores are normally not inexpensive places to buy stuff, they do run good sales every now and again.

Mimi said...

5.00 a bottle is actually fairly cheap for sunscreen, unfortunately. Remember, the larger the bottle you buy, the more savings you have!

I agree, look for sales, coupons, bonus points and, of course, stor brands!!!!