Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dominican craziness!

Have you ever seen such a thing? These kids have monkeys on their heads!

The bad news about this is that now Ally has decided that we need a pet baby monkey. She is insistent about it, and even says she will clean up the monkey poop, which we assure her would be everywhere. In an effort to thwart her enthusiasm, Rusty told her we have to talk to the "monkey police" to find out if we are allowed to have a monkey. I'm afraid that her luck is going to run out at this point, because there is no chance the monkey cops are going to allow this. She thought we should get three monkeys, one for each kid, and keep them in cages in their rooms. She is going to name her monkey "Monkey Do, Monkey Say". I told her I would name my fictional monkey Henry and he would live on the trampoline. This seems like a good plan to me.

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Tracy said...

You could always take her to PetSmart and tell her you promise that if they have a monkey you will buy it for her, but if they don't she can have a Webkinz monkey.