Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My jury winnings!

So, I got my jury check in the mail yesterday. I was actually pleasantly surprised to find it totaled $337.50. Apparently they calculate the mileage to and from your house and add it to the $40/day they pay you to serve. I'm rich! I'm rich beyond my wildest dreams!

So what do I plan to do with this unforeseen windfall? First on the agenda is a good massage, to counteract the agony inflicted on my aging back by those uncomfortable jury box chairs. Then, who knows? Shopping? Saving? Bills? Hmmmm.....

And even bigger news: I'm going to a Nascar race. (Do you capitalize all the letters in Nascar? Does it stand for something? Wikipedia, answer me.) I'm going Friday to the Richmond race to check out the ServiceMaster Hospitality tent/Clean Machine. Good times, good times. Now, I'll admit, I have little to no interest in racing, and thankfully have absorbed little knowledge of the sport. I just hope there's good food.


Tracy said...

I'm spittin' jealous that you're going to a Nascar race. I have already gone on record with Pots that next year I want in.

Here's my suggestion for your windfall of cash: massage-$50, dinner and drinks with hubby-$100, babysitter - $40, pedicure - $30, new sandals - $40, trip to Target with the leftover $$.

Mimi said...

After viewing the Nascar scene just think how powerful you will feel tooling around in a yellow ServiceMaster car with Nascar wrap--just like the Petty dude.