Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Civic Duty

Remember my earlier excited posts about getting out of jury duty? Well, they have come back to bite me on the ass in every sense. I should never have been so cocky.

Last week, I got a letter from the Federal court in Harrisonburg saying I had yet again been summoned for a trial. So, on Monday, I headed to court, fully expecting to be able to be dismissed on the grounds of being married to Deputy Dog. Imagine my surprise when I was chosen from the jury pool to serve on the jury for this case. And I just gave away what our verdict was.

So, my thoughts on serving on a jury? Surprisingly, it wasn't that bad. In fact, it was kind of interesting, although my back is paying for it now. The worst part is having to sit for so long. I'm not a sitter. In fact, I'm pretty much adult ADD, and sitting still for long periods of time is equivalent to Chinese water torture to me. I plan to take my jury winnings (I believe I made the princely sum of $30/day) and get a massage.

The funny part about the whole thing? Most everyone I've talked to seemed surprised that we reached a not guilty verdict. I guess most people really do give more weight to the testimony of government officials and law enforcement over defendants.

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Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...

Wow--I bet it was an experience, except for the sitting part. Put your hard-earned fortune to good use. :-)