Monday, September 8, 2008

Water Water Everywhere.

Arghh! What began as a fun weekend, the first VT football game that I took all the kids to, deteriorated into a hellish nightmare yesterday. After church, I gathered up the laundry to start my Sunday loads, opened the door to the basement, noticed a rank odor and looked down to see several inches of water covering my entire basement. Yep, that's right. My basement flooded yet again. This is my second major water damage in three years, my fifth (yes, that's correct) sump pump, and I am feeling a wee bit stressed right now. Here's a few photos of my lovely basement.

I would like to take this opportunity, in front of my many loyal readers, to publicly call out my builder, Jim Gibson of Eagle Place Industries. Because you A: failed to grade my yard properly, B: refused to do anything about it until we threatened a lawsuit, C: improperly installed my french drain, and D: were an all around jerk, I now have water continually coming into my house. My sump pump runs ALL THE TIME. My french drain empties NEVER. Want proof? Here's what my drain looked like as I was having hundreds of gallons of water being pumped from my basement.

What's that? Can't see any water coming out? Me neither jerk! I know I need to let go of my anger toward you, because you will get your "reward" at some point, but I am still seething. So, yet another homeowners claim, yet another basement re-do, yet another headache for me and my family. Thanks Jim. You're quite a guy.

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*Heather* said...

OH MAN! I would be so angry! I'm so sorry you're having problems w/your house.