Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm breathing normally now

Okay, I've calmed down from my morning rant. I met with my adjuster, and my insurance company wants to subrogate against my builder! Yay! It will probably go nowhere, and take years and years, but I hope it at least makes life a little difficult for him. So now I can report on my weekend and other news:

The VT football game experiment was a success. We took all the kids and they had a great time. Well, to be honest, Jeremiah said he liked it but didn't want to go back. He wore huge orange earplugs the entire game, but he didn't fuss about the noise. The plugs were priceless though. Wish I had gotten a picture. But here they are, decked out in their Hokie attire, waiting to cheer our boys to a mediocre performance and a strangely unsatisfying victory.

Jeremiah was "Student of the Week" last week for kindergarten. It's no honor, really, but he did get his very own board, and an opportunity to show the entire school that Mommy doesn't really like to cook. Check out his favorite food.

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Tracy said...

I'm sorry about your water damage. How awful. But I'm glad there' a path to hold your builder somewhat accountable. Your dinner menu looks amazing. I am definitely going to check out that website. Glad all the kids liked the football game. Glad Smooch's favorite food is Pop Tarts. ha.