Thursday, September 4, 2008

Strike first, strike hard, no mercy sir!

Well, after Jeremiah' scathing review of kindergarten the other night, I waited last night to find out how the next day had gone. He told me in the car that he lost more time off recess (yikes!) because he smacked someone on the playground. Hmmm. When questioned, he said that whoever it was smacked him first, so he smacked back. Then, he clammed up. I knew that no more information would follow in the car because Riley likes to eavesdrop on the conversation and drop her two very high and mighty cents worth in, so I decided to drop it until later. We had a nice taco meal at church, Jeremiah had his first choir practice, which he hated for the first 15 minutes, and loved for the last 15, I had bell practice, Riley had choir and bells, then it was time to head home. After finding out that Riley had a spelling test (after telling me earlier that she had no homework!) I sent her to study while I put Jeremiah to bed. We talked a bit more about the recess incident and he confessed to me the dirty truth: he had smacked first. And not only first, but three times! With visions of expulsion dancing in my head, I gave him the standard "it's not okay to hit" lecture, which he took with the standard "yeah, yeah mom" that it deserved. But, today, no hitting, no time off recess, no misbehaving of any sort. So, my predictable mom lecture apparently hit home, or else he didn't feel like anyone did anything today to warrant a beat down. In other news, Riley got a 100 on her spelling test, we once again stuck to our menu plan for dinner, and Jeremiah and Cameron (our neighbor) helped to rescue a cat that was straddling the fence between our house and the vicious rottweiler next door. All hail the heroes!


Tracy said...

Way to go Jeremiah (but I must admit even if he hit first I'm guessing that other kid somehow deserved it)! Way to go Riley! Way to go Tobye for the inspiring "hitting is not ok" talk. I'm already looking forward to your next week's dinner menu.

Mimi said...

as a Mimi, have to agree with Tracy-=-other kid had to deserve it! Love my Smooch!