Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kindergarten suffers a sharp decline in ratings

Well, it had to happen. After receiving consistently good reviews from Jeremiah, kindergarten suffered a punishing blow yesterday. During our nightly wrap up session, I asked Jeremiah how he was liking kindergarten. His response? "Horrible." Why is it horrible, do you ask? Apparently, Jeremiah lost some time off recess yesterday for the offense of misbehaving in the bathroom. His take on it goes something like this: "I was trying to be good and wait, but I got bored, so I started wiggling". I guess that's when the trouble started. Although his banana stayed on green (yeah, that may be one of the stranger sentences I have ever typed), he did have to sit a spell at the beginning of recess. He says that he plans to come back focused tomorrow. Okay, he didn't actually say that, but he did say he doesn't plan to get in trouble tomorrow. The good news is that Riley still finds third grade and Mr. Fahey "awesome". He has helped her better understand math (yay!) and she is liking it a little better, though she still dreads multiplication. She talks about him a lot, all positive. She told me yesterday that in their class they say the "Bible Pledge" before the Pledge of Allegiance, because Mr. Fahey says that the bible should come before everything.

My crock pot dinner was pretty successful. Riley liked the steak, which she dipped in ranch dressing. Ally preferred the peas. Jeremiah had a cinnamon pop tart. And, best of all, Riley and I had a special treat of Rita's Italian Ice after cheerleading practice. I had a Kiwi-Strawberry gelati that was absolutely yummy. Choir and bell practice begins tonight at church. Jeremiah will start choir this year, while Riley will move up from Primary Praise to Wesley Singers. I will once again be slogging though handbell practice, trying to make as few errors as possible. We have dinner at church tonight, so I don't have to cook. Hallelujah! All this cooking is wearing me out.


Mimi said...

My poor little Smooch. I hope tomorrow is better for him. Glad the kids enjoyed the meal. I hope to talk with them tonight before we have to leave on our SM trip.

Tracy said...

His banana stayed in the green? I have to admit that makes me happy to have girls. ha. Tell Jeremiah to hang in there. Glad Mr. Fahey still rocks.