Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The man without a red shirt

So, the Great Redshirt Experiment of 2008 is offically over. And after Saturday, we were all pretty sure it would be. You can read all about it
And while I guess this has to be done in order to salvage a season, I wonder why it didn't occur to anyone sooner that an inexperienced core of receivers, tailbacks and tight ends would need a quarterback who could make some plays happen out of the pocket. I hope this isn't a disaster. Last season, the tandem seemed to work pretty well, but the circumstances were different. Glennon stepped in for Tyrod after he was injured and played so well that the coaches felt he deserved to continue. So it wasn't a demotion. This smacks to me more like the Marcus Vick/Byran Randall debacle of years back where Randall was passed over for the younger, more agile Vick. An angry, resentful Glennon will not add up to a patient, thinking quarterback. Instead, every down is going to be an opportunity to either prove himself, or prove why Tyrod is the man for the job. Should be an interesting season. At this point, I don't know if this is the right decision for either guy. I guess we shall see.

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