Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What the #@&* am I allergic to?

Okay, so this entire weekend, I have been sneezing, rubbing my eyes until they are red and sore, sniffling, and taking enough allergy medicine to kill a whale. I feel lousy upon waking, take my myriad of pills, feel slightly better during the daytime hours, then around 4 or 5 begin to feel lousy again. Sunday, I had to leave a Labor Day cookout because I couldn't stand to be outside anymore. Last night, my eyes were a lovely shade of sickly pink and I couldn't breathe when I lay down to sleep. I took a larger than recommended dose of Nyquil, which got me through the night, but caused me to have very vivid, very surreal dreams, involving such random things as golfers, horses, a wedding, my childhood home, rain, and trying to scale a mountain with one hand with Ally in my arms. Yeah, I'm certifiable. So, this morning, I decided to check the pollen counts to see if a break is near. According to Weather.com, the weed count is extremely high today. Okay, makes sense. But then I trip on over to WebMd, who tells me that the weed count is low. Well, now I'm stumped. And sneezing.

But, today is my second day of meal planning. This morning, I assembled my crock pot meal and hopefully it will be delicious when I get home, so I can shovel it into Riley before herding her out the door to cheer practice. I do have to admit, it is a relief to know that dinner is covered.


Mimi said...

Go to the doctor!!!!

Tracy said...

Sorry you feel so bad. That's awful. I can't wait to hear how the crock pot meal turns out.