Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why did she give her blog such a strange name?

Oh, were you spending hours pondering that very question? Well, ponder no more. I'm actually not the most creative person and was stumped to think up a title. I had just uploaded some pictures of the kiddies on the Wii Fit board and was enjoying looking at Ally practicing her "yoga". So, a strange blog title was born.

Otherwise, my day has been quite productive. I got some good advice from Tracy on how to actually do the pictures so they match up with my text, finally got a new phone after weeks of switching batteries every morning with my office mates. On a down side though, now I have to figure out an all new phone. I really dislike this. As Garth said to Rob Lowe in Wayne's World, "We fear change". And I do. I like for things to roll along at the usual clip without any speed bumps. So, this new phone is going to be a challenge for me.

Well, I only have two kids tonight, for Riley is off on a sleepover adventure with Pots and Mimi. Dear husband and I are going out for an early anniversary (10th, thank you!) dinner tonight since we are having his brother and sister visit us this weekend. I'm looking forward to good food and apple martinis. Ciao!


Tracy said...

Your blog rocks. It is the second coolest blog I have ever read (after my own of course). Ha. Ally is precious doing her yoga in her underwear. The yogi masters would be proud.

Mimi said...

I love it that you are doing a blog. The pics are so great! Pots has the water pic as the screen saver on his computer--look like wet bugs!! Al doing yoga and Smooch dancing are mucho cute. Pie is the sweetest girl--I am so glad she got to go to the concert. I look forward to your next entry.