Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The wheels on the bus go round and round...

Well, tomorrow is the first day of school. It's an historic day in our house, because Jeremiah will be starting kindergarten. My nightmare is coming true, my kids are going to actually grow up. He has a brand new backpack, and seems to actually be looking forward to it. We had Meet the Teacher last night, and he showed off his desk, but he did look at his reading book and ask Rusty, "What's this?" To which Rusty replied, "It's your reading book." Jeremiah then gave him an incredulous look and said, "But I can't read!".

Riley, meanwhile, is entering the 3rd grade. She's excited, although terrified of learning multiplication, and I'm excited too, cause she has a male teacher, Mr. Fahey, who seems really cool. Anyone remember a good male teacher, especially on the elementary level? I didn't really know they existed!

On another note, I have volunteered, been volunteered, however you want to put it, to coach the Middle School cheerleading squad at Riley and Jeremiah's school. Hmmm. Not sure how this development came about, or if I'm even remotely qualified for this, considering my cheerleading experience was well, lets just say many years ago. They don't seem to care though. The only requirement seemed to be "breathes oxygen". So, I guess that's me!

Here's Jeremiah and his best friend, Luke. They are going to be in the same class. I'm SURE they won't be any problem at all!

And this is Riley and her good pal, Lexi. I know they don't cause any trouble!

Here's to #2 pencils, black composition notebooks, loose-leaf paper, and all the other things that make back to school so magical.


Tracy said...

Hope the kids do great with their first day back to school! I hope Jeremiah comes home tonight knowing how to read.

Mimi said...

How bittersweet, Smooch in kindergarden. Hard to believe my boy is that old. I will call them tonight to find out the details. I remember all my years of coaching cheerleaders--fun, yet work!!!!