Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Twas the night before the first day of school

Well, today was the 1st day of school. From what I can gather, it all went pretty smoothly. Jeremiah liked his teacher, his classroom, and generally had a good time of it. He made a book about himself, where he pronounced that his favorite food was Poptarts. Yep, I am a totally rockin mom!

Here he is with his good buddy, partner in crime, co-conspirator, Luke.

And here are Riley and Jeremiah, with their backpacks at the ready, prepared for their 1st day. Riley pronounced Mr. Fahey to be "awesome" and said she thinks she's going to have a fun year.

And, for good measure, we are pretty sure we can get Ally into the circus with her snake wrangling ability. Well, either the circus or a Fundamental Baptist tent revival.

So, no homework tonight. I'm sipping a glass of Our Dog Blue and watching the kids do Wii fitness. Ally was especially proficient at the Tree pose tonight. Namaste everyone.


Tracy said...

A kindergartner and a 3rd grader. Your kids are old. Glad to see Ally the Snake Charmer wearing clothes :)

Mimi said...

So glad to see the kiddos happy about a new school year. They are so darn beautiful!! Our Dog Blue used to be one of my favs until I discovered Siema and Kris.