Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Baby got back?

If you recall this, several months back, some gossip mag ran some rather unflattering photos of Jennifer Love Hewitt in a bikini with some snarky comments. She fired back, defending her size (which she claimed was a 2) and chastising the media for their distortion of women's bodies and the ensuing damage it causes. At the time I thought, "Good for her!" Now, I see on US Magazine that she has lost 18 lbs, and I wonder, why? If she was truly happy with herself before, as she stated, and she was already a size 2, why would she feel the need to get even smaller?

Here's a brief bit of the article, with before and after pics. I'm wondering how everyone feels about this. I understand that she is a celebrity and her income pretty much depends on her physical appearance, but it seems to be a bit hypocritical to take a stand defending a woman's right to be happy in her body, and then turn around and promptly become what she was railing against. What do you think?

Check out the article and pictures here:


Okay, since you were wondering, I am irrationally disturbed by this. On the one hand, it's her body, she has the right to have it look how she wants it to look, but on the other, she had an opportunity to be a role model for girls who aren't sticks, who have real bodies. And she squashed that opportunity by selling out to the ginormous media machine in the sky that control our actions and make us regular people feel the about the size of a wooly mammoth. Too many girls look at these magazines as a guide for what they should look like, and this is the crap we continue to feed them. It sucks.

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Tracy said...

The article I read also made it sound like she lost the weight to "prepare for her wedding". Some how that makes it worse. She didn't just decide to do it to get healthy, she did it to look good in a white dress when she will be photographed by 1,000s of papparazzi. I agree with you that it is hard to stomach (pun intended).