Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Duper Big Snow

Riley, enjoying a seat on an enormous pile of the fluffy stuff.

Ally used the giant pile of snow as a sliding board.

Jeremiah chose to jump from the top of the snowbank. He got stuck when he landed!

Macho loves the snow. I however, do not like picking the snow/ice balls off of him.

Hi everyone! Happy Blizzard 2010!


Tracy said...

Did Rusty make it home ok?

Your kids look like they are having a ball. Loved the Snapfish pics.

We fill the kitchen sink up with warm water and 'melt' the snowballs off the pups. Works like a charm.

Mimi said...

Loved the pictures--what fun for them!

I have found if I crush the ice balls between my fingers, the heat from my hand will melt most of the ice off.