Monday, July 6, 2009

Why fireworks come with so many warnings

Because eventually, one of your children is going to try to touch one when it is lit. Any guesses which of my kids did it?

Who guessed Jeremiah? Did everyone guess Jeremiah? Well, he did. Saturday night we were at a fellowship group cookout and the kids were all doing sparklers. Jeremiah, after first refusing to hold one because he was afraid of it, then decided not only to hold it, but to touch the sparkliness. The result? Three burnt fingers, one of which ended up with a little blister, and one pretty upset kid. He fell asleep clutching an ice pack and now says he has a "bump" on his finger. Moral of this story? Even when you tell a six year old boy not to touch it because it will burn him, he's probably eventually going to do it anyway. But, I bet he won't do it again. Happy 4th!

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Mimi said...

My poor, little, beautiful Smooch. I wish he never had to be hurt. I love that boy so.