Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Possible sign of the apocalypse

Today, I had to buy a few groceries to take to church for dinner tonight. Because I was closest to Walmart, I decided to go there. Imagine my surprise when I found an empty space, not only directly across from the entrance, but in the very front row. Yeah, a space that would usually have a handicap sign. The front space, people. Never, in all my years of shopping, have I been able to score a front space at Walmart. Maybe we really are in a recession.

In other news, all three children had their semi-annual dentist visit yesterday. Now, this is an event usually dreaded like the Black Plague, but because I couldn't go and Rusty took them, the children were all Stepford kids and behaved perfectly. Even Jeremiah, who usually views a visit to the dentist the same way he views having his toenails clipped. (Those of you who have witnessed this can attest to the horror and screaming). Everyone received a positive report and Ally was even complimented on how nice her teeth looked, which I find amazing, and confirms my theory that some people are just born with good teeth. She barely tolerates brushing, and often has to be chased around and pinned into a corner for it to happen at all. I will confess in front of all you people that sometimes I just don't bother. Yeah, I said it. But, her teeth are great, so I guess a little brushing is just as good as a lot.

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Tracy said...

Yeah for the good bill of tooth health! And yeah that Rusty got to take them and not you!