Monday, January 12, 2009

A Name Change

It has come to my attention that Ally would no longer like to be referred to by her given name, but instead would like to be called "Baby Peach". Please make a note of it.

In other news, Jeremiah managed to spill an entire glass of wine onto our home laptop. He's really a sloppy drunk. Really needs to work on that. Actually, it was (no surprise) my wine, which he knocked over when he thrust his chocolate milk cup at me instead of just asking me for a refill. Despite the fact that it smells kind of like Tim Riggins during early morning football practice for the Panthers in August, it appears to still be in working order.

And finally, I have a budding author on my hands. Riley had an assignment over the weekend to write a Psalm. Here's what she came up with:
  • "I love you Lord. I will praise you all my life. You are my trainer and you teach me well. I am smart and wise now because of you Lord. You make me feel like a student getting an A+. I work very hard to succeed in your classes. I truly do love you Lord, you take good care of me. I love you Lord."

I asked her how she came up with it, and she said, "it all came from my head".


Mimi said...

Baby Peach, huh?? I am sure she will always be Alcat to me. I really like the character, Riggins, maybe not his smell. I know that I adore Smoochy Face--hope he didn't get in any trouble. Riley is amazing as always--what a one of a kind girl. I love those 3Tell them for me.

Tracy said...

Riley is amazing. Baby Peach is hysterical. I'll spread the word to Corena and Lila about the name change, but I don't promise anything.