Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's the most horrible time of the year.

Boo hiss. I hate undecorating. Today, in my house is "Undecorating Day", the day the house goes from Christmas festive to winter blah. I'm taking it verrrry slowly, because I hate it so much. As each piece goes down and gets packed away, I get a little bit sadder. The January-February-March stretch of winter always seems to be a terrible drag. Everyone is sick, the weather is nothing but gray, random ice storms freak everyone out and close schools for days, and my mood plummets. Maybe I have a touch of that SAD. (And yes, it's a real condition, Seasonal Affective Disorder!). Plus, and almost worst of all, football season is over. (Insert super sad face here.) Thursday's Orange Bowl victory, while exciting and slightly season redeeming, sounded the end of college football for a very long time. Soon, I'll be reduced to watching Hokie Football Tribute videos on You Tube just to get a fix. Side note: Who makes those things? Who actually has that kinda time? But, I guess I should thank them. It helps get me through.

Okay, I guess I have to get back at it. I just can't stand to go into the living room and look at the bare tree. Plus, I know it will be days before my sweet husband takes it to the basement. Grrr.


Tracy said...

All of my decorations are packed away in the basement except for the tree and its ornaments and Cornea's Xmas artwork which is scattered throughout the house. I'm procrastinating finishing it all up. It really is sad to see it all go, although I always feel like my family room seems so much bigger once everything is put away. Corena is insisting that we not undecorate her room, which I am quite OK with. Cheap gold garland makes me happy.

Mimi said...

Boo hoo! All ours is away and I am both glad and sad. I really miss all the lights at night. Hey, our Hokie tree is still up in the LR.