Thursday, October 30, 2008

You say it's your birthday

Happy Birthday Jeremiah! Today, you are six. There were many times I never thought we would make it this far (I kid, I kid), but here we are. I love absolutely everything about you, from your crazy hair to your wild enthusiasm for life, to your love of hot cereal, and beyond. Even though boys are traditionally yucky and bad, if I have to have one, I unequivocally choose you!

And now, a look through the ages!

Hope you have a wonderful, wonderful day filled with fun and surprises. Here's to you!


Mimi said...

The pictures of Smooch brought tears to my eyes. He is so my Smoochy Face. I told him tonight that I wanted to keep him little and he said that I couldn't, but that he was my boy!!! Can't believe he is 6--I can't stand it. He is so like my Jeb--a child of my heart.

I agree, Walmart SUCKS!!!!

Tracy said...

Remember when we used to call him our little bulldozer because he was so chunky?? Not an ounce of chunk anymore on our 6-year-old Smooch. (Why are you letting your kids get so big?) Corena is SO excited for the birthday party this weekend. She has made everyone special birthday cards.

Tara said...

My little boy turned 6 on the same day!!! How cool! I hate that they grow up so fast...he's our middle of 5 and i'm so sad every time a birthday rolls around...

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