Thursday, June 24, 2010

I think my kids are absolutely stunning

So I'm subjecting you to pictures of them.

My brother got married (at the beach!) which was lovely and great and I wish them the best and all that, but it was a fantastic opportunity for my kids to dress up in fancy outfits and for me to take pictures of them while they did it. They all performed admirably in service and managed to look amazing while doing it.

They are so totally awesome. I should look at these pictures every time I get frustrated by their constant bickering, tattling, and general disagreeableness. Look, I just made up a very long new word.

Riley wore her hair in a "messy bun" that required 22 bobby pins to stay in. Ally had to have her hair curled TWICE, and all the curls still fell out before the ceremony. I had to use water, spray gel and actual hair spray on Jeremiah to get his hair to lay down as much as it did. The end result was totally worth it though, don't you think?


Tracy said...

I as well think your kids are absolutely stunning.

It really is amazing that you got that volcano head tamed down.

Tamara said...

Beautiful pictures (and kids)!