Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Due to my aching back, I have been kind of lax in getting the graduation pictures up. But, here they are! (Extra special thanks to Vicodan for helping me get out of bed today.)

Joshua, Jeremiah, Jonathan and Justin
Luke, Jeremiah, and Hanna

Jeremiah and his 1st teacher, Rebekah Haught. Rebekah, you are sorely missed!

Teacher number 2, Carol Morgan. Thank you Carol, for making the transition a success.

And here is Jeremiah and Hanna. Jeremiah spent the entire year being in love with Hanna. I personally think he made a pretty good choice.

There you have it folks. Jeremiah survived kindergarten. He learned to read, he learned to write his name in cursive, and he learned that God is with you in whatever you do. What more do you need?


Mimi said...

He learned some valuable lessons and enjoyed the learning process. He is such an AMAZING little guy. I feel so blessed that he is my Smooch!!!!!

Tracy said...

Congrats to Smooch! He is so darn cute in his cap and gown. Lila can't wait to see her "Buddy" next week at the beach.