Thursday, March 5, 2009

RESPECT find out what it means to me

Looks like a pretty sweet kid, right? Well, we're having some issues lately with him and the way he is talking to people, mostly to Rusty and I. (Now, Mimi, don't get all up in arms, it's not life or death or anything, but I'm a bit troubled nonetheless). Jeremiah has discovered that nastiest of traits, disdain bordering on insolence. When asked to do something he doesn't particularly want to do, he becomes instantly surly and nasty. Everything is "dumb" or "stupid" including his sisters, teachers, friends, etc. He's been spending some time in his room for it, but I don't know how well it's been working. Any suggestions, dear readers? When faced with consequences, he becomes instantly contrite and even sometimes pathetic, saying stuff like, "you don't love me at all", or this gem from yesterday, "you just like sending me to my room for hundreds of hours!". (And for the record, it's like 5 or 10 minutes of room time). It hasn't been fun for anyone involved, but I don't know how to rid him of this habit. I figured this one would wait until adolescence.


Mimi said...

He is a sweet kid!! And, I know you think I always take up for him, well, maybe I do, all right, I Always do, but I adore him. Keep in mind that he has had some tramas for him lately. A combined class is not necessariy a good thing. There may be some first grader who is picking on him. I know from all my years of teaching that this can be done so cleverly that the teacher never sees it. Maybe the teacher is not such a good match for him. Parents perception of teachers is not always correct. You had problems with your second grade teacher that I had no clue about until you started chewing holes in your shirts out of nervousness. And, No teacher is going to say, Oh, by the way, I have singled your kid out or whatever. Jeb also had some problems with other kids and teachers because of his tics and he never told me it was going on. Obviously, neither did the teacher. I was actually told by another teacher who thought I needed to know. See if he will talk to you--neither you or Jeb ever told me. Also, check the neighborhood kids closely--might be something there. I know he is not perfect, but he is so sweet and so tender hearted, there may be something underlying. Hug him for me!!!!!

Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...

I feel your pain! This sounds so much like what we have been dealing with with Andrew and his attitude lately. We just kind of asked him who he had seen act like that, and of course the answer ended up being the little boy at the sitter's house.

I'm with "Mimi"--continue to investigate, but it may be as simple as seeing an older boy act like that and emulating him. Transitions are never easy, and being put in an older age group has to be affecting him, even if he doesn't realize it.

We continue to send Andrew to another room for "time-out" when he is "mean" and tell him that when he can treat the rest of us nicely, he's allowed to come back in. It's working, but slowly. Good luck, and keep us posted.