Friday, February 27, 2009

Yay! Jury duty.

Yay, you say? Well yes, I do say yay. And you'll find out why in a minute. About a year ago, I got a jury summons in the mail for United States District Court in Harrisonburg. I filled out the paperwork, as is my citizenly duty, and sent it back in. Of course, I was then chosen for six months of service, December 2008 to June 2009. I had to fill out a more detailed questionnaire, and my husband assured me that I would never actually be picked because I am married to a police officer. Well, he was wrong. I have been chosen. For a trial that is expected to last 4 weeks. Yay. I was all set to grumble and grouse about this turn of events, except that God had so thoughtfully laid it on my heart to choose giving up complaining and criticizing for Lent. I am again reminded that God loves to give us opportunities to practice what we desire to do. So, thanks America. Jury service is not only the patriotic, but the legal duty of every American. I am sure to find my experience rewarding and fascinating.

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Mimi said...

4 weeks!!! What about work and children?? Harrisonburg????