Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I am tremendously blessed.

There was a little mix-up this morning and Jeremiah's lunch did not get packed. At 10:58am, I got a phone call from Rebekah Haught, Jeremiah's kindergarten teacher. Instead of the pizza that Rusty thought was being served for lunch, it was instead.....Salisbury steak. (Anyone who knows my son immediately knows that he would as soon eat his tennis shoes than something called Salisbury steak). She asked if there was any way he would eat it, and of course, I had to say no. I had visions of having to run home and whip up a PB and J for him, but Rebekah came to my rescue. She actually went to McDonald's and bought him a Happy Meal. I must remember this any time I feel frustrated with the kid's school. Where else would a teacher go buy her student a Happy Meal just so he would have a lunch? I'm pretty sure I won't get that in the public school. Thanks, Rebekah. You rock.


Kristen@thefrugalgirl said...

Oh wow! That is pretty impressive!

Mimi said...

What a kind teacher!! I am so glad that she did that for our Smooch. He is such a sweetheart--he would not have been happy.

Tracy said...

I'm so surprised that you thought Smooch wouldn't eat Salisbury Steak. Hahaha...whew, that was a good one. I crack myself up. Rebekah rocks.