Friday, October 17, 2008

We've been Booed.

About a week ago, we got booed. Have you been booed yet? Does your neighborhood indulge in such things? And why am I even talking about it? Well, here's why. On the surface, this is a cute idea. You fill a bag with candy and treats, and if the blogger linked to is to be believed, "get creative", make your own signs and extras for the neighbors, enclose envelopes so that no one has to run to Kinko's and "ruin the fun", buy metal buckets, make baked goods or caramel apples so you can be the "envy of the street", and just have a grand old time running through the neighborhood, booing everyone and loving America.

Here's the part I have a problem with. This started 4 or 5 years ago in my neighborhood, with a hand drawn ghost and a plastic bag of a few treats. This year, I got a fancy graphic, a lengthy and cutesy poem, and a bag filled with Halloween Hershey bars and tied with raffia. It has become a "who can out boo everyone else" contest. I have witnessed this phenomenon too many times to count, and it starts early, usually in pre-school. There is always one (or more, as the years have gone on) mother who WAY overdoes any occasion, be it a holiday, birthday, whatever, making my usual contributions of Oreos and juice boxes look drab and thoughtless. This is usually a SAHM, no offense to those of you reading my blog, that appears to have nothing better to do than concoct elaborate gift bags and fancy treats. Just yesterday, Ally's pre-school teacher asked me what I was bringing to the Circus Party today. I had signed up for cookies, because someone had already signed up for my staple, juice boxes. I said I was probably bringing Oreos, and she looked at me kind of incredulous and said "you're not making them?", as if I planned to bring in grasshoppers or something. No, I'm not making them. I worked all day, got the kids home, cleaned up, and changed, and took them back to school for the
Builder's Banquet. We arrived home at 7:45pm, just in time for bath and bed. When exactly do I have cookie making time? I do have to sleep occasionally!

I guess what I'm trying to say is this, and then I'll shut up and post some pictures of my kids, I admire that there are women who can "do it all", but it sometimes sucks the joy out of everything when it all becomes a who can do it better contest for the prize of being the best mommy. I happen to have it on good authority that I am the best mom ever, Oreos, juice boxes, or not.

And now, a completely random selection of some fall photos.

Jeremiah and his friends goofing around on his Skyline Drive field trip.

Ally has such a unique way of winking.

Football game fun-Go Hokies!


Mimi said...

I love oreos--especially around Halloween when they have the orange filling. Hey, go to the bakery at Martin's and get their cookies. Presto, homemade!

Smooch is so handsome and the girls are such beauties.

Tracy said...

I am a SAHM and I have not baked once in the years I have been home (I think that puts me low on the SAHM totem pole). Case in point - I had to make something for Corena's preschool to sell at a "Chocolate Festival". I made trail mix of marshmallows, teddy grahams and Kissables. My kids loved it, oven never got turned on. I cannot think of a better snack than Oreo cookies and juice boxes...unless it's those mini Oreos that Mimi keeps at her house (those hardly count as calories they are so small).
We must share an authoritative source, but I as well am a rockstar mom. Or at least so says my source.