Thursday, October 2, 2008

The quest for green

As some of you may know, my son is having a wee bit of trouble in kindergarten. Jeremiah is actually a very smart kid, he quickly has grasped the concepts of letters and sounds, knows all his vowels, memorizes his Bible verses in one take and can spit them right back at you, even words like Ephesians and Philippians, both of which I had to look up to spell correctly. But, he's having a heck of a time with the sitting and behaving part. As he told me last week, after a particularly off day, "it's really hard to be good at school". They have the monkey/banana behavior chart, and each time you are reprimanded, you have to move your banana to a different color. After so many infractions, you begin to lose time off recess. If your offenses are particularly egregious, you may lose your entire recess, have to have "reflection" time, and have to sign a note sent home by your teacher detailing your offense. Last week, Jeremiah had his first taste of "reflection" time. His crimes: talking repeatedly when the teacher was talking and flipping the light on and off in the bathroom after being told repeatedly not to. He began this week on red for too much talking, and we have told him at home that if he gets on red again this week, he will miss the premiere of "Star Wars the Clone Wars" on Cartoon Network, a highly anticipated event (for him). Thus far, he's stayed yellow, although I'm pretty sure his teacher was being generous because yesterday he kneed someone named Jordan in the butt and ended up on yellow. My poor kid. It really is hard for him to be good. Suggestions, dear readers?

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Mimi said...

This is NOT like Smooch to get in trouble. It was not like this in preschool. I think something else is going on. He has loads of energy, but has never been a trouble maker. There is something underlying here.