Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My weeks are becoming WAAAY too busy.

Okay, remember my Superwoman post? I'm beginning to think I have to don the cape, mask, and get my hands on Wonder Woman's invisible jet in order to get through my weeks! Let me break it down for you:

Monday: I coach cheerleading at Riley's school until 5:30. Ideally, I would like for Riley to tumble between 5-6, but it's almost impossible to get her there.

Tuesday: Riley has Pep Squad practice at school until 5:30, then Cheer Eruption at 6:00. Which leaves precisely 30 minutes between for dinner. Tonight, we had McDonald's, not a great choice right before I go exercise, but I guess it's incentive to go. (Side note: Tonight was my 99th workout at Curves. My next workout I get a free t-shirt! Go me!)

Wednesday: We have church dinner at 5:00, I have bells at 5:30, Jeremiah has choir at 5:30, then Riley has bells at 6:15 and choir at 6:45. We arrive home around 7:30 to prepare for her spelling pre-test.

Thursday: I coach cheerleading and Riley has Pep Squad until 5:30.

Friday: Blessedly, no activities (yet!).

Saturday: Riley has Cheer Eruption from 9:30-11:00. This month, I have approximately 750 billion birthday parties either to throw or attend. Okay, a slight exaggeration, but honestly, the number is at least 5.

Sunday: I teach Sunday School every 1st-3rd Sunday, the kids sing at 8:30 service the 2nd and 3rd Sundays, I play bells at both services the 1st Sunday, and now, Riley has Christmas Musical practice every Sunday during the 8:30 service. She has a solo in the musical, very exciting times! Then, I have Disciple Bible Study every Sunday night at 6:15.

Is it any wonder I never get anything accomplished, run around like a lunatic most of the time, and fall into bed like a boulder most nights? Or, am I just an incredible whiner who needs to man up and deal with it? The frightening thing though, is that I have two other kids who have yet to get immersed in activities. What in creation am I going to do then? Maybe I could grow elastic limbs like the mom on The Incredibles, so that I could stretch far and wide to cover everything. Maybe I could clone myself like Dolly the sheep. Maybe I just need to drink some more wine and worry about that when it happens. Hmmm. Wine always seems to be the answer. Anyone want to join me?


Mimi said...

Sweetheart, take a break and learn that it is oksy to say no. You can't kill yourself. You are going to get so worn out you will not enjoy anything. I admire you for jumping into things, but you need to slow down. It took me years to learn that it was okay to not do and be everything. Enjoy your children, spend time with them. Look how fast they are growing.

Anonymous said...

Good heavens, Tobye! That is way too much for one person to do.

I'm with your mom on this...cut back. There's only so much time in life and you don't want to spend it all running around to activities. Your children will probably benefit more from a quiet family evening at home than an activity anyways, you know?

We have exactly one week-night activity, which is Bible Study on Tuesday nights. Other than that, we have no regular activities in the evenings and I LOVE it this way.

Anonymous said...

Ok, what is up with that? I was SURE I left a comment here, saying I agreed with your mom.

Something ate it. lol