Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hey good looking, what you got cooking?

Better late than never, right? I actually made a menu on Sunday, but realized this morning that I hadn't posted it, so, here goes.

Sunday- Taco Skillet, green beans

Monday: Burgers, tater tots, chicken sticks (for Jeremiah, who refuses burgers)

Tuesday: Was supposed to be soup and sandwich night, but hopefully will be Pots and Mimi take us out to dinner night.

Wednesday: Taco night at church.

Thursday: Chicken Stroganoff

Friday: Taco Salad

Saturday: We're thinking about eating out.

Happy eating!


Arbaugh said...

I think Saturday you should go out for mexican because obviously you seem to be a little loco for the tacos.

Mimi said...

Have to agree--lots of tacos.

Tracy said...

The "Pots and Mimi take us out to dinner" night is always my favorite meal of the week.

Anonymous said...

lol! I think you should repeat your Wednesday plan endlessly. lol