Monday, September 22, 2008

What happened to the double fist pump?

I'm currently loving the NEW 90201. I loved it's predecessor for way longer than I actually could relate to the characters, and a while back spent a pleasant several months re-watching the entire series on Soapnet. So, I was pretty excited to see that the series was being resurrected, at least in some form. And I'm most happy with the old standby characters, Kelly and Brenda, and even Nat, although I'm pretty disappointed that he turned the Peach Pit into a coffee bar. It just doesn't seem like him, but I guess that's what you have to do to attract these Beverly Hills hipsters. Anyways, I'm stoked about Dylan being the father of Kelly's baby, although I had no doubts it was him. There were actually people out there saying it could be Steve Sanders kid, to whom I say "don't you know he and Janet already had a kid named Maddie and are hopefully living their lives in marital bliss in the old Walsh house", and who reply to me "please dear child, get a life". I am hoping this means that we will soon see Luke Perry in all his poufy haired hotness make an appearance. I would be overjoyed, and believe me, my life could use a bit of joy right now. But, as much as I'm digging being back in the old zip code, I do have a few questions:
  1. Where are Andrea and Jesse? They showed us Hannah Zuckerman Vasquez, but gave no follow-up on where her parents are, who were supposed to be living somewhere on the east coast if I recall correctly.
  2. What's with (and I have to credit my brother for this one) Kyle McBride from Melrose Place knowing Kelly? Kelly never met him, and in fact dated Jake, from which Melrose sprung in the first place. Perhaps a bit of bad casting, choosing a MP alum and then refusing to acknowledge his MP existence.
  3. Where, oh where is the double fist pump? I miss it so much. I keep waiting for those scrawny girls in the credits to give props to Brandon and the gang and bust it out, but apparently they are too busy trying to out-skinny one another to hold onto the old traditions.

Any answers out there? Any other questions? Should I just stop questioning and enjoy this flash from my past for what it is?

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