Monday, September 29, 2008

I love the midwest

I've returned from my odyssey to Nebraska. I have photos and I'm just dying to share.

This was our trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo. Sources (unknown) claim that it is the second best zoo in the country, and I do believe it. We had a fabulous time there, and the animals were all very cooperative in my photos. I may have found my second career, animal photographer. If only I knew anything about photography. Oh well. I've got enough careers already. But, the trip was great, Nebraska is much cooler than I imagined, and Memorial Stadium is unbelievable. More on that later.


Mimi said...

I do miss my girls!

Tracy said...

That slide show rocks. How did you do it? Your animal photography skills rock as well. I can't believe you managed to capture the ever elusive Mom out in the wild. Good work.