Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Five really cool things about my grandmother

My mom would tell you there's a lot of things about my grandmother that can drive you crazy, and I'd have to agree, but doing my virtual bookshelf yesterday made me think of her, and five things about her that are pretty cool.
  • She keeps a list of every book she reads, so that she can be sure she doesn't read it again. I've done that several times before, started reading a book, gotten halfway through, and realized I already know how it's going to end.
  • She keeps a journal, writes in it every day, and has ever since I can remember. I don't know what she writes, but man, I admire the dedication.
  • She doesn't do it as much anymore, but she was a recycler way before recycling was cool.
  • She always knows what the weather is going to be, not only in her town, but my town, my brother's towns, and everywhere in between.
  • Her house is the only place that is almost exactly like it was when I was a child. It is a constant in a world of changes.

There you have it!

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