Monday, September 15, 2008

And that leads us up to today

So, the weekend is over, I'm now 36, on the back side of my thirties, and fading fast. Saturday was a good day. Case, Deb, and I went to the VT/GT football game. In true Arbaugh spirit, Deb and I put together quite a tailgate. In fact, Tal Bowman told me it was "as good as, if not better" than my mom's. I'm pretty sure it was the beer talking though. Seriously, we did have a good time, good food, and good drinks. It was a beautiful day, although hell hot, and the Hokies squeaked by to another unimpressive win, but "it is what it is" and "those guys will really get at you", and we won. So there. The bad part of all this was that the allergies/sinus/general yuckiness that had been building in me for the last two weeks chose to strike first, strike hard, no mercy sir on the ride back home. Three hours in a car with a pounding headache, itchy, watery eyes, and more pressure on the back of my head than GT's defense put on Tyrod all day. Not good. Sunday was, well, worse. I had to get up early (yuck face here) because Jeremiah was having his singing debut in church. Yep, Jeremiah is in the Primary Praise choir. After initially refusing to wear the robe (it was "girly") he acquiesced and suited up. He, of course, looked adorable and sang his little heart out. It was a sight to behold. Follow that with Sunday school, then home to spend the rest of the afternoon sneezing approximately 742,000 times. Today, a sinus infection was confirmed and I'm hopefully on the road to recovery. And that'll do it. Case took tons of pictures at the game, so I'll hopefully have some to share later on in the week.


Tracy said...

Happy belated birthday! Glad it was a good one (minus the 742,000 sneezes). Where is this week's dinner menu??

Mimi said...

Oh, to have seen my Smooch sing!