Saturday, August 30, 2008

Arghh, Pirates!

Shiver me timbers, clear the decks, make you walk the plank, and all the other pirate jargon. The dreaded Pirates laid seige to our beloved Hokies, out Beamer-balling us when we needed it the most, blocking a punt and running it back for a score. Even lasses this cute couldn't save our heroes today.

While I applaud Frank Beamer for making a decision to play only one quarterback this year, I have to question the wisdom of choosing Sean Glennon. Now, I am no Glennon hater, in fact, I think he performed very admirably last season, once the pressure seemed to be off. However, the Sean we saw today was the Sean of early 2007, the one lacking the confidence and swagger where it was needed and generally looking like a rabbit I once accidentally hit with my car, where he was quickly and decidedly yanked in the second game to make room for the wave of the future, Tyrod Taylor. Is Tyrod the answer to all our prayers? Probably not. He still has miles to go and needs way more game time experience to make him the player he can be, BUT, he does offer one thing Sean unfortunately does not: speed. With a team so lacking in veteran wide receivers and running backs, we simply must have a quarterback that can do a bit of pocket dancing and make a play happen. Sean, it must be noted, is pretty slow for a white guy. So now we go into the season with a loss, and while all is not lost, we must quickly right this ship before being pillaged and plundered (what, you think I'd forgotten my pirate analogies?) throughout the ACC. Kind of sucks to be you right now Frank. Oh, and while you're pondering things, ponder why each play today seemed to be developing in slow motion. Seriously, I could have run from Virginia onto the field and tackled Sean before he handed off much of the time.

Oh, and it must be mentioned. There was also a birthday celebration today. Happy Birthday Mimi! I won't mention how many.

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