Thursday, September 17, 2009

Clearing away the clutter

Guess what I have?

AN EMPTY IN-BOX! Inspired by a blog by an old high school friend I read yesterday, I completed a task I had been doing in fits and spurts for ages now. I wish I were smart enough to know how to do a screen capture, because really, this is a thing of beauty.

Empty. Nothing. Nada. All the things I had been hanging onto, either gone, or put in their proper folder. All of them. I can now literally see the forest through the trees.

Wow. I wonder what life would be like if we all did this. Purge our in-boxes, our closets, our junk drawers, our memories, our stored hurts and grievances, and just let them go. It's unbelievable the things I've been hanging onto.

I wonder how much freer my soul would feel without all the anger, doubt and fear bunching up in there. I wonder how much better my body would feel. I wonder how many fewer headaches I would have.

I wonder why I haven't done this already.

(Stay tuned. I have a feeling this is going to turn into a project. Empty your in-box, empty your cluttered life.)


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Chuck Balsamo said...

Toybe... I love you blog site! This is my first time coming here... just found out about it... I really like your writing style... its so FUN to read your stories! Thanks for linking to my clutter blog... GREAT thoughts you have here! Happy un-cluttering! =)